Welcome to the site of Harpoon Art Studio that has been working on the market for more than 15 years selling its own hand-decorated porcelain pieces as well as the works of other artists who are working in the field of over- and under the glaze hand-decoration technique. Besides you can find on our site some astonishing self-produced porcelain masterpieces.

The distinctive feature of designs of the exposed hard porcelain and bone china pieces is that most of them are hand-decorated in the over glaze technique using gold paints (some pieces are decorated with natural gold paints with subsequent ingravement of the design on the gilden surface). Creating an over-glaze design an artist exposes a porcelain piece to several high temperature (850° C) bakings that ensure strong sintering of paint with the glazed surface. This technique allows an artist to create sophisticated compositions using specific tints of paints and their combinations.

The most exclusive works that you can find on the site are made by rather rare method of under-glaze decoration with the elements of miniature plastic art. The modern Russian porcelain works exhibited by Harpoon Art Studio may excite the curiosity of porcelain-fanciers and collectors. On the site you will find various tea and coffee cups with saucers, boxes, Easter eggs, thimbles, decorative plates, tea and coffee sets and even pictures made on porcelain plates. We hope that on our site you can find an original gift, a souvenir or even a unique piece of art which real quality and value will become obvious after some time.

Harpoon Art Studio presents the largest selection of modern Russian porcelain works which are created by the most talented in our opinion artists from St. Peterburg and Moscow. On the site you will find the available works and those made on order. The price and the terms of order fulfillment are coordinated with the client individually. When ordering some work it is necessary to know that the colours in the picture and those of the real one may somehow be slightly different due to the obvious errors in colour rendition. Besides paint producers reduce from time to time the variety of paints put on the market that in its turn may effect artists’colour treatment. To order something from the list you need to fill in the form. If you have some specific desire that differs from the standard proposal it is better to write a short letter and send to our E-mail. We hope that people who fancy original and in some cases unique masterpieces of Russian porcelain will find something worth their attention. We wish you a pleasant journey in the world of MODERN RUSSIAN PORCELAIN.

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